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Coral Reef, Beach,
and, River

Veracruz Tour Guide
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
and including Boca Del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico

Veracruz Coral Reef System
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Lying immediately offshore is a coral reef system with 15 major structures. Scuba and snorkel is great.

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From north to south, beaches are everywhere along the city's edge. Veracruz doesn't have white sand, but the light grey sand is just fine.

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Cancuncito is a strip of beach atop a reef only six or so minutes off shore. It's fun for looking at coral, sea life, and swimming. Included in the inexpensive tour is also a close-up look at the lighthouse of Sacrifice Island.

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Veracruz is home to Latin America's finest aquarium.

Harbor Tour
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One of the two very large ports in the country of Mexico, the Port of Veracruz lies along the City's malecon. The harbor tour lasts about 45 minutes and takes you close to working ships, the ship yard and even out a short distance into the ocean.
Address: Catch the boat on the Malecon near the Pemex Tower.
hours: Usually from ten in the morning until ten at night each time a boat fills it begins its tour.

Ship Museum
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Tied up right now in Boca del Rio on the Jamapa River, the ship is open to the public. It will one day, so we're told, be docked at the main intown beach.

Scuba and Snorkel
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Scuba and snorkel is always a treat on a coral reef. Addtionally here you can dive a large sunken ship.

Rio Jamapa
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With the ridgline of the Sierra Madre Oriental being only 80 miles inland, large rivers flow into the Gulf all up and down the coast. The Rio Jamapa enters the ocean at Boca del Rio. River rides in motor launches are available.
Address:river rides are found at the Boca del Rio malecon
hours: boat rides are available from ten in the morning until eight at night

Duck and Turtle Ponds
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On the main campus of the UV here in the Port City, the duck and turtle ponds are a delight to kids (of all ages).
Address: It's easy to enter the campus from the corner of Ruiz Cortinez and Juan Pablo II.

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Running onto a coral reef was the end of the useful life of this ship. Visible from shore, much of the ship was cut up for scrap metal. You can ride close to the ship on some of the scuba outings.

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Come to Veracruz Mexico and Tour the City.

Enjoy History, Ruins, Architecture, Beaches, Forts, and the Coral Reef.

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