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Music and Dance

Veracruz Tour Guide
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
and including Boca Del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico

Teatro Clavijero
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The Clavijero Theater is a beautiful concert hall designed in the tradition of a European concert hall. In it are presented concerts by the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra (Mexico's finest symphony orchestra), several youth orchestras, music groups from around the world, theatrical works, dance, readings, and local school shows. The Fomento Cultural de Veracruz manages the theater and serves as the organization bringing the performances to town. You can get a closer look at the FCV at
Address: Emparan between Independencia and Cinco de Mayo in the Cento Historico
hours: check the FCV website for performances schedules (

Teatro de la Reforma
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Veracruz's large theater and concert hall is home to many commercial shows and school events.

Ballet Folklorico
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Veracruz's traditional dance, ballet folklorico de Veracruz, is among the most beautiful and most colorful in all of Mexico. Weekly there is an outdoor performance on the Malecon that is open to the public and free of charge. It is also available at some restaurants in Boca de Rio, and at various times in Veracruz's zocalo
Address: various
hours: the performances on the malecon are Wednesday evening starting at 7:00 PM

Traditional Veracruz Music (Today)
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The traditional music of Veracruz has a strong Caribbean influence. Harp and jarana (a small stringed instrument) are at its foundation. Every night of the week, strolling groups play in the zocalo, the main city plaza.

El Cason and Mono Blanco
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The group Mono Blanco is bringing the old traditional music back to Veracruz. (Mono Blanco has toured in North America, Europe and the Orient.) Years back, folks from all around would gather at this rancho or that and visit, play music, dance, and sing. Much of the wonderful tradition of Veracruz, its warm and friendly happiness, is found in its musical traditions.
hours: hours vary but the building us usually open

Fandango (Traditional Music of Veracruz)
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The tradition for many years, fandango is a family and friends gathering. All who know how to play, even play a little, play. Everyone who wants to dance dances. Everybody sings. And it's true Veracruz style, folks have a good time being together. Mono Blanco (see above), the folks at El Cason, the City Government and State of Veracruz, are all working to bring the wonderful tradition back.
Address: check with El Cason
hours: check with El Cason

Xalapa Symphony Orchestra
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This is a world class symphony orchestra, and for the life of us we can't explain how it happens to be in the State of Veracruz. But we're thankful it's here. The Xalapa Symphony Orchestra is the oldest in the country, and the best. I's history is fascinating. Organizationally it falls under the University of Veracruz. Its music is pure joy.
Address: Performs at the Clavijero Theater
hours: Check the webpage of the Fomento Cultural (

Casa de Augustin Lara
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Augustin Lara, musician, songwriter, and performer is the City's best know pop figure. He, among other things, had eight wives. It seems, but we're not certain, that he was to Veracruz as were the big bands of the '40s to the US.
Address: Boulevard Avila Comacho and Ruiz Cortinez

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Somewhere between slow waltz and highly stylized tango lies Danzon. It's danced almost everynight at the zocalo. A dance instructor who came to Veracruz to study Spanish described Danzon, after taking lessons for a couple of weeks, to be a dance as difficult as it gets.
Address: Zocalo
hours: six to eight in the evening

Around the Zocalo
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Mexico loves music, and nowhere does so more than Veracruz. In the zocalo and in the little plazas lying all around with a few blocks, groups perform. One night we counted at least 21 groups.
Address: zocalo and close by
hours: six in the evening all the way until four in the morning

Centro Veracruzano de las Artes
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Beautiful dance floors are part of this arts school's new contruction. Music classes, theory classes, art and drama are alive at the center.

contact info:

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