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Veracruz Tour Guide
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
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San Juan de Ulua
Built of coral block taken from the reef upon which it sits, San Juan de Ulua is the old fort across the harbor at Veracruz, MexicoInterior space of the old fort San Juan de Ulua The main lookout tower at the old fort San Juan de Ulua

Fort San Juan de Ulua led a busy life. Built of blocks of coral and sitting atop a coral reef, in the colonial period the fort was the stronghold for gold and silver shipped back to Spain. It sits across the harbor from the mainland. Opposing forces were often found in the fort and in the then walled city of Veracruz. Cannon balls lie quiet under the harbor's waters. A few are found every time the harbor is deepened.

Baluarte de Santiago, The fort that anchored parts of the old city's wall
textThe Baluarte de Santiago was part of the wall surrounding Veracruz long ago facade

Passed by Language School students almost every day, the Baluarte of Santiago anchored one corner of the wall fortifying the old city.

Old City Fortifications
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Invading forces and vicious pirates caused the old city to surround itself with a high, fortified wall. As you get to know the city a little better, you see where the old structure ran. You'll also see that the water's edge, over the years, has been pushed outward into the harbor. These models are found in the Naval Museum.

Remnant of Old City Wall
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Five or six feet below the court yard of the Naval Museum is this remnant of the wall that surrounded the city. The foundation is over a yard wide. This piece is on the run of wall that was along the old waterfront. It's approximately two blocks, as the crow flies, from the Baluarte de Santiago--the structure that anchored the southeast corner of the fortified city wall.

Forts from around Mexico
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The models are found in the Naval Museum.

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